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In 1978, PRS (HK) Hong Kong baojie was founded by zhang zhaocheng in Hong Kong, which operates the auto refitted parts import and export trade and auto repair and upgrade service.


In 2005, the transformation model was started, with the main force in the car braking upgrade, the UK's AP Racing and the Italian BREMBO.


In 2006, it began to enter the domestic market, bringing the two top brands, AP Racing and Italy's BREMBO, to the country.


In addition to the UK's AP RACING, the Italian BREMBO, the UK's GOODIRDGE, the us's STILLEN, the us PFC and Italy's TAROX.


In 2015, the company established a branch in longgang, shenzhen, with the UK's AP RACING, UK's GOODIRDGE, and STILLEN in the United States.


In 2016, Italy introduced the world's first brake leather brand, known as the China general agent, to bring the most orthodox of the world's top brake belts to China.

The same year also introduced Germany's top carbon, SICOM.


In 2017, PRS (HK) Hong Kong bao jie line in addition to the agent of the world top class brand brake AP Racing in the UK, the world's top brand in the UK steel throat GOODRIDGE, the world's top FERODO brake leather brand Italy, at the same time introduced the world's top oil brand ZUMINOL in Germany.

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