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 "Veteran car player" Hong Kong's chief executive, Francis Cheung

"With sincerity, quality assurance, service first and reputation first"

Francis Cheung, the founder of Hong Kong's pga line PRS (HK), is the current chief executive of Hong Kong's insurance company, with more than 40 years of experience in car modification.

Play a veteran of the car, Mr Zhao-cheng zhang in the early 70 s had been driving a porsche in the tensile strength of the different parts of the world to hold events, the rally championship (85 ~ 87), Hong Kong Beijing rally (85 ~ 87), Australia, the world rally championship WRC (1990 and 1991), the Himalayas rally (80 s), macau east at the competition (75 ~ 90), and so on.

He also serves as the chairman of the Hong Kong racemeeting (the seventies) and organizes various events.

Since 1995, the macau government invited as macau all vehicle examination officer more than 10 years, with the FIA world auto union vehicle examination certificate of Scrutineer License, vehicle examination events including the F3, British BTCC and so on.


In 1978, Mr. Zhang founded the Hong Kong insurance company, PRS (HK) in Hong Kong, for 40 years.

In addition to the import and export trade of automobile modified parts and parts, we have also carried out the service of auto repair and modification.

Due to years of racing and refitting experience, has a good reputation in the industry, let Mr Zhao-cheng zhang won the favour of many of the world's top modified brand, brand agent have taken are:


EIBACH | (Germany), spring to avoid vibration;

REMUS (Australia), exhaust pipe;

BILSTEIN (Germany), springs to avoid earthquakes;

HKS (Japan), engine modified accessories;

TRUST (Japan), engine modification kit;

TAROX, braking system;

BREMBO (Italy), braking system;

AP RACING (UK), braking system;

GOODRIDGE, brake steel throat;

STILLEN, the brake system;

PFC (us), braking system;

The hard work, the brake skin;

KAYABA (Japan); spring to avoid vibration;

The POTENZA (Japan) springs to avoid earthquakes;

RUF (Germany), the Porsche Engine Modi Porsche Engine modified;

TECH - ART (Germany), Aero Dynamic;

Brabus (Germany), Benz engine modified;

Piasini (Italy), ECU programming;


In 2005, the Hong Kong insurance company began to transform the mode, mainly in the auto brake series upgrade, mainly engaged in the auto brake system to modify the import and export trade of parts and parts.

The world's top brake brands, UK AP RACING and Italy's BREMBO, are also brands of its agents.

As Hong Kong bao jie PRS (HK), business development, in 2006, Hong Kong express line PRS (HK) begin to enter the domestic market, and the two big world top AP RACING and BREMBO braking to domestic, let more people know that two of the world's top brands.

Today's Hong Kong express line PRS (HK) remains committed to upgrade the brake system, has now become the industry leader in the braking system, the agent's brand in addition to the AP RACING, FERODO in Italy, and Britain GOODIRDGE, Germany ZUMINOL.

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