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PRS (HK) Hong Kong is established in Hong Kong in 1978, and has more than 40 years of automotive modification and import and export trade and experienced automobile modification experience.

In the early days of the PRS (HK) Hong Kong express line has agents and introduced many RIGS auto parts of the world's top brand, as the company's business development trend of PRS (HK) Hong Kong bao jie line of auto brake system upgrade, now the main efforts in the study of many years, the lake of the PRS (HK) Hong Kong bao jie in car modification industry in a leading position, and within the car modification industry with the best professional brand image.


With the vigorous development of the domestic car modification market, PRS (HK) Hong Kong bao jie in 2006 began to enter the domestic market, has set up two branch in shenzhen to meet the needs of domestic consumers.


PRS (HK) Hong Kong insurance company has been committed to providing the most excellent braking system for domestic consumers.

The brands of its agents are among the world's top brands.

From the UK as one of the world's best brand brake AP RACING and brand of top class steel throat GOODRIDGE, Italy is one of the world's greatest FERODO brake leather brand, Germany is one of the world's greatest oil ZUMINOL brand.



The brands of PRS (HK) Hong Kong's insurance company are officially authorized by the authorities:


British AP RACING, the world's top brake brand, is the official agent of Hong Kong and macau

GOODRIDGE, the world's top steel throat brand, is the official China general agent

The world's top brake leather brand is the official China general agent

The official China general agent of ZUMINOL, the world's top oil and liquid brand



PRS (HK) Hong Kong baojie is always adhering to the concept of "honesty, quality assurance, service first class, reputation first" to serve the customers!

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